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About Us

Let's eat

We love food. We love the people, the stories, and the memories that food brings with it. 

Just like people and our world, food is diverse and comes from all over, bringing with it different stories and adventures, tastes and flavors, giving us new experiences.

At International Marketplace, no matter who you are or what you eat, we hope to bring these foods, flavors, and experiences to you. 

We hope that you will be able to adventure outside your comfort zone or maybe even find your way back to it. Relive some childhood memories if you have been away from home, or find new flavors to explore as you start a new adventure.

The world is full of amazing food just waiting to be eaten and experienced.

Eating at the Bar
Mother and Daughters Cooking
Little Girl in a Restaurant

Tell us about your food experiences!

Cook something amazing with food from our store? 

Did you impress your family and friends and they want you to cook for them all the time now? 

Or did you relive your childhood and find some of your favorite childhood snacks?

Go on a trip recently and longing for the food you found in another country?

Share your experiences with us today! We would love to hear about your adventures!

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